Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads (PPC)

Nowadays Google Ads have become one of the most important tools to reach new potential customers for your business, but, how do they work?:

PPC allows your website to get to the audience you need for your business. The ads will appear on the search results and generate traffic on your website.

Another advantage of using PPC is that you can create different marketing strategies that will increase your customers and visits to your website. We will guide your process with a marketing strategy to help you fullfill your goal.

There are some requirements you need to know to use PPC

  • First you have to determine whether your ad copy will be delivered to an international or local audience. 
  • Set a minimum budget that enables your business to generate traffic so that your ad ranks higher and appears as a top search result.
  • Last but not least, your website must have landing pages so we can send traffic through the ads.

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PPC campaigns for traffic generation
From $100/month + Installation and Management Commission